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Like Predator – Like Prey

Original post date 4/3/2011  This weekend I was trimming some shrubs in my yard when I came across a rather frightening sight. Actually, I didn’t see the thing when I was trimming, but noticed it when I was sprinting through the “danger … Continue reading

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Originally posted 8/24/2013 I had three little visitors last evening as I sat on the patio eating dinner and enjoying the unusually mild August summer night. While I call them visitors, actually they are natives returning home as they had recently … Continue reading

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Close Encounter of the Odorus Kind

Originally posted 9/20/2013 Monday nights for me are generally reserved for easy dinners and an hour of one of the only two TV series I watch fairly regularly – Longmire. Sometimes I watch Rizzoli & Isles on Tuesdays. At any … Continue reading

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Ughh Ragweed!

Ragweed I was born with puffy eyes, it seems. In general, I am indeed always a little puffy around the orbs but when the fall season comes around and ragweed makes its undeniable appearance, I puff up tenfold. I recall … Continue reading

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Nature is Nurture is Back!

Hello everyone! It has indeed been a long while since I’ve posted anything but I have a lot of exciting things stored up to share with you! You see, my other blog program (that I loved working with) was discontinued … Continue reading

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