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Don’t Send Your Hamster to Heaven Too Soon!

Originally published 2/21/2011 WARNING . . . WARNING . . . If you are about to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you may wish to forego this post! Also, if you aren’t particularly fond of little furry creatures (essentially, mice … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty, Goodbye Bugs

I thought this week I’d focus on my feline companions since I have not given them their due credit on my site. However I plan to tie in a few tidbits about another easy-to-grow plant as well, so if you … Continue reading

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Like Predator – Like Prey

Original post date 4/3/2011  This weekend I was trimming some shrubs in my yard when I came across a rather frightening sight. Actually, I didn’t see the thing when I was trimming, but noticed it when I was sprinting through the “danger … Continue reading

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Close Encounter of the Odorus Kind

Originally posted 9/20/2013 Monday nights for me are generally reserved for easy dinners and an hour of one of the only two TV series I watch fairly regularly – Longmire. Sometimes I watch Rizzoli & Isles on Tuesdays. At any … Continue reading

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