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Blue Jays Will Work for Peanuts

Originally posted Feb 2010 If you live in North Texas, you are probably at home today or you are one of the brave and dedicated souls that spent hours getting into work on the sheet of ice that Mother Nature … Continue reading

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Parenting Skills of the Brown-Headed Cowbird

Originally posted 2010 Unusual facts about nature are very interesting to me. The harshness of some facts is very hard to understand, but usually there is good reason – even if it isn’t apparent right away. Speaking of “a-parent”, let’s … Continue reading

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Christmas is for the Birds . . . Too!

Originally posted 12/24/2013 As I wait for my last package to be delivered today, Christmas Eve 2013, I watch the wide variety of birds at my platform bird feeder from my kitchen table. I typically see birds that usually don’t … Continue reading

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Grackles & Bread Dipping – An Ancient Ritual?

Photo compliments of Margaret McRae Originally posted August 2011 Have you noticed that Grackles oftentimes dip their food in water before eating it? I really had not noticed this until the heat and drought kicked in this year and … Continue reading

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Feed Them and They Will Come

Rectangular or House-style Bird Feeder Originally posted 6-27-13 What I have learned through trial and error is that if you wish to attract a wide variety of birds to your home you need to provide a variety of food options … Continue reading

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Like Predator – Like Prey

Original post date 4/3/2011  This weekend I was trimming some shrubs in my yard when I came across a rather frightening sight. Actually, I didn’t see the thing when I was trimming, but noticed it when I was sprinting through the “danger … Continue reading

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Originally posted 8/24/2013 I had three little visitors last evening as I sat on the patio eating dinner and enjoying the unusually mild August summer night. While I call them visitors, actually they are natives returning home as they had recently … Continue reading

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