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Where Have All the Geckos Gone?

  Originally Posted 1/25/2013   I love geckos.  I love them for many reasons: I think they are are cute. They have super-hero suction feet. They are kindof transparent, especially on their underside. They have big, beautiful eyes. They are … Continue reading

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Capulin Volcano

  Originally posted July 2, 2012 I recently returned from a vacation whereby ten members of my extended family traveled in three separate vehicles from the North Texas area to the Colorado Springs area. Fortunately for us, we managed to … Continue reading

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Moonflower Vine

Originally published 2/26/2011 The Moonflower Vine is my absolute favorite plant. It is a gorgeous vine comprised of heart-shaped leaves that, at maturity, serve as a lovely background to a nightly display of huge (6-inch), beautiful, white blooms. In addition, the … Continue reading

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Dill is a Great Deal

Among the most flavorful, versatile, and easiest of herbs to grow in a home garden is dill weed. There is nothing better than going out to your garden and hand picking the fresh herbs and vegetables you plan to serve … Continue reading

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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

 Originally posted 03-14-2011   Yesterday I decided I needed to get out in the yard and do a little cleanup. As much as I enjoy yard work overall, I prefer planting, transplanting and collecting fruit and seed to performing general maintenance. … Continue reading

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