About Cindy Pierce

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I have been writing about 7 years now, with the exception of about a 6 month hiatus due to a discontinuance of my former blog software.  As those of you who also write know, when one blog software expires or you simply wish to transition, it is a much more complicated process and more time-consuming than expected.  I wish my original posts were in chrono order, but they no longer are. Thus, you might find one month I’m married and the next, I speak of my boyfriend (fyi-they are one and the same!)

About me in particular:  I am in my 5th decade of life, born and raised in the North Texas area.  While I work in the business world, my heart is with nature.  As a child I loved growing things, especially from seed.  I experimented in our front and back yards often.   I also always had an abundance of pets (to my parent’s chagrin, I’m afraid!)  As a child, I had multiple cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, goldfish and even frogs, turtles and chameleons.  While I never owned a pet bird, there was always a bird feeder or two around my house.  In addition, I used to kidnap my little brother and go for hikes and “fossil walks” when I was a teen and he was 6 – 8 yrs old (my closer-in-age sisters weren’t all that excited about rocks.)  To this day, my brother takes his son (my nephew) on fossil hunts.  I’m kind of proud of that!

Currently I have a dog and a cat.  I also have two bird feeders around the house and a nesting dove in one of my flower baskets!   Speaking of flower baskets, we have an abundance of ornamentals in and surrounding the house.  I still love experimenting with seed and seedlings.  My latest experiment is growing a Venus Fly Trap in my sunroom so as to hopefully capture a few of those pesky flies that get into my pets’ food.     While I am devoid of an in-ground vegetable garden at the moment, I have two raised beds for herbs and small veggies.  I also have a lime tree that is doing excellently.

The reason for this blog?  I am fascinated by nature and enjoy researching the hows and whys.  I want to share my existing knowledge (through my schooling and experiences) and also share as I learn new things – even those things that I learn unfortunately but humorously, the hard way.  Best way to remember, you know?

Hopefully you will find a topic or two that will fascinate you, too!