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Solar Lighting – Taking Advantage of the Summer Sun

    Originally posted August, 2012 With the incredible heat wave hitting the midwestern and southern US this summer (it is expected to be 104 degrees today in North Central Texas), I was pondering what could I possibly write about … Continue reading

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Capulin Volcano

  Originally posted July 2, 2012 I recently returned from a vacation whereby ten members of my extended family traveled in three separate vehicles from the North Texas area to the Colorado Springs area. Fortunately for us, we managed to … Continue reading

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Crape Myrtles are Always Abloom in August

  Originally posted August 2012 There aren’t many plants, shrubs or trees that are at their best in August, especially since August is routinely the hottest month in Texas. The beautiful blooming Crape Myrtle is the exception and I highly … Continue reading

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The Albino

Originally posted May 3, 2013   Most of you know by now I feed the birds around my house. The various birds, when coming to eat at my feeders, provide me a calming sense of camaraderie with nature – especially … Continue reading

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Bringing Up Bromeliads

Originally posted August 2013 If you read my last blog post you are aware I recently returned from my first trip to Hawaii. I feel very blessed to have been able to go to such a wonderful place, witnessing the … Continue reading

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Nature is Nurture Begins

Originally posted 2010 As I type this blog on an early Saturday morning (yes, 8 a.m. is early for me) a finch just landed on the window immediately in front of me, giving me an enviable view of his slightly … Continue reading

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Snow Blindness in Dogs . . . in Dallas?

Hello everyone!  I have been debating which topic to write about the past few days in light of the very odd ice and snow storm we experienced this week in the Dallas area. Having lived here my entire life, I … Continue reading

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Gerbera Does Double-Duty Indoors

Originally posted January 2011 This morning I walked into my home office and noticed the Gerbera Daisy I had brought in from my outdoor patio a couple of months ago had sprouted yet another beautiful orange-red bloom. It is doing wonderfully … Continue reading

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Blue Jays Will Work for Peanuts

Originally posted Feb 2010 If you live in North Texas, you are probably at home today or you are one of the brave and dedicated souls that spent hours getting into work on the sheet of ice that Mother Nature … Continue reading

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Christmas . . . or Valentine’s Day Cactus?

Image compliments of Originally posted 2010 My Christmas Cactus never bloomed this past December. It is finally blooming now, on February 9th. It is a beautiful white-flowered variety with hot pink stamen. Stamen are the thin, long stalks with fuzzy … Continue reading

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