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Revisiting Monarchs

Revisiting Monarchs Continue reading

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Photo Viewing Invitation

Well, it has been almost a year since I’ve written here and I am quite embarrassed I have let time pass to this extent without checking in. Since I haven’t anything in mind to write about today, I wish to … Continue reading

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Oak Apples (or Oak Galls)

Navigating this 2020 pandemic, I have made a point to get outside and walk in my neighborhood every day. Nature always brings a balance in life, I believe, and this is my way of balancing out the uncertainty we are … Continue reading

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The Pomegranate – A Beautiful Tree bearing Healthy Treats

The Pomegranate – A Beautiful Ornamental Tree or Shrub that Bears Healthy Fruit Continue reading

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Solar Fountains for Existing Bird Baths

Originally posted July 2011. Since this post was written, you can find a greater variety of similar portable solar fountain devices for your existing bird bath. Although I admit I become excited about products that really work (especially anti-aging products!), … Continue reading

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Economical & Ecological Tips to Aid Nature

Originally posted Summer 2011. As we begin to enter Stage 2 of mandatory water conservation in my area, it got me to thinking about ways we can both help ourselves (economically) and the environment (ecologically) during this drought season. In … Continue reading

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