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The Sounds of Fall

I would venture to say the vast majority of us who are so very fortunate to have the gift of sight use this sense the most when it comes to admiring nature. We see beautiful blooms, brilliant leaves, expansive grass … Continue reading

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October is the Month for Acorns

October is THE month for acorns. Depending on where you live, most of the acorns from your oak trees may have already dropped. In the warmer climates, acorns are just now beginning to mature and fall. Regardless, whether you are … Continue reading

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A Dog Named Chumpie

Originally published early January 2012 There is a little white dog with reddish-brown spots that lives, unfenced, two doors down from my mom (about 6 acres away). He probably isn’t full bred, but he definitely has a lot of Bud … Continue reading

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Biscuit – Pyscho Cat

Originally posted Nov 2012 I wasn’t planning to write a post this morning. I have one in the works regarding pansies and ornamental cabbages, but it isn’t quite finished yet. This is the week of Thanksgiving and I am so … Continue reading

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Got the Blues?

  Usually the blues kick in around winter time, when the end of Daylight Savings Time renders most of our waking hours to cubicles and offices at work. However I am not speaking of those blues in this post – … Continue reading

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