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Originally posted Nov 2012

I wasn’t planning to write a post this morning. I have one in the works regarding pansies and ornamental cabbages, but it isn’t quite finished yet.

This is the week of Thanksgiving and I am so thankful I was indeed able to sleep in this Saturday morning as I had no hair appointments, grocery shopping, impending chores or errands otherwise to do early. It felt good to wake to no alarm, a rare occurrence for me and I dare say, for most of you, too. You see, I’m one of those people who naturally needs 9-10 hours of sleep per night. I’m not lazy, although I am sure some folks with high metabolisms think I am. I merely function optimal with 9-10 hours of rest. At my age, I have simply learned to accept this fact and attempt to plan accordingly.

At any rate, while I didn’t awake to a nasty alarm this morning, I did wake to my cat, Biscuit – lovingly called “Psycho Cat” at times – meowing and nudging me. Although I had no personal pressing chores to do, I did need to feed her, my blind & deaf dog, Buzz, and the blue jays that were stirring by that time.

After feeding Biscuit and Buzz, I decided it being Thanksgiving week I would fill all my bird feeders to the brim this morning. After all, I had plenty of black oil sunflower seed in the garage. Feeding chores done, I planned to leisurely have an extra cup of coffee in the kitchen and watch the birds surround my autumn backyard as I browsed my computer for Christmas deals.

Psycho Cat interrupted this plan.

Biscuit, aka Psycho Cat, is an indoor cat. She has no front claws. Not by my doing, but by the person who owned her years ago before I adopted her. She’s been a rather skittish cat for the most part, but for some reason she has recently decided to come out of her shell – or she simply has become bored in the house. Over the past couple of weeks she has, inch by inch, ventured out into the backyard via Buzz’s doggie door. I’ve seen her partake in a little green grass outdoors – which is good for kitties to eat every now and then, by the way. If they eat too much, though, you will find it regurgitated in areas you hoped not to.

This morning, Biscuit decided to venture outside after finishing her breakfast. She hung out on the patio a while, preventing numerous birds from flocking to the seed I had just deposited in the feeders. Oh well, I thought to myself, the birds will come later.

Next thing I know, Biscuit is hiding in the knock-out roses, scouting a dove that is perched on the bird bath. All you know what breaks loose as the dove, not the fastest bird on the block, freaks out and flies smack dab into the fence. I immediately get up from my coffee and whisk Biscuit into the house before she can pounce on the poor stunned dove.

Well, that lasted about 3 minutes. Psycho Cat’s now had a taste of the possibility that she might actually capture a bird, no claws and all. She’s back outside hiding behind my St. Francis statue, lying in wait for another fat dove. How ironic is this, I think?  St. Francis is holding a dove in his hand.

I get up from my now cold coffee and shoo her away again. In less than a minute she’s back outside (thus, the luxury and limits of having a doggie door.) This time there is a huge ruckus in the backyard and I’m hearing chattering and clicking noises I’ve not heard from a bird before. I look up and Biscuit has amazingly scaled my live oak tree, due to shear speed, no doubt, as I witness her fall 8 feet to the ground as her clawless paws cannot stick to the bark. She’s quite unhappy and so is that something which is chattering and clicking from above. As I walk outside, I see there is a squirrel above us, flicking his tail wildly and giving Biscuit the ole, “ha ha ha, you didn’t catch me” business!

Biscuit 2

I scoop Biscuit up and walk her back into the house for the 4th time. I decide I’ll give her some extra food this morning to hopefully make her fat and drowsy for the remainder of the day. I can only hope.

This trick gives me about a 5 minute reprieve. I’d settled back into my comfy kitchen chair with a refill of coffee, when I hear thumping and over the counter I see a white flash dashing back and forth in my living room. I assumed Biscuit was playing around with another piece of curling ribbon she found around the house so I wasn’t too worried . . .

FLASHBACK . . . those of you on my Facebook Page know that two days in a row this week I arrived home from work to find my blind & deaf dog, Buzz, with his two back legs completely wrapped up in curling ribbon – no doubt, compliments of Biscuit. Both days I found him sleeping soundly in his doggie bed, unable to walk properly because his legs were bound. You see, I had wrapped a gift earlier in the week and left the remaining ribbon out on the kitchen counter. Only Biscuit could retrieve it. I can only imagine in my mind how bonkers the curling ribbon must have made her to get to the point she ran ’round and ’round my poor helpless dog – two days in a row! Of course, after the second day I placed the ribbon in a drawer where Psycho Cat could not find it – well, at least I had hoped she wouldn’t find it!

Back to the story this morning . . . as I sat at the kitchen table with my laptop, trying to order one simple item for my mom for Christmas, I had to yet again get up from my seat and check out what Biscuit was up to. After all, she was now bouncing off the couch, coffee table and fireplace and I wanted to be sure she wasn’t binding and gagging Buzz again! Mystery solved. Seems as though while eating her second breakfast this morning, Psycho Cat found a huge, cold-stunned, helpless moth in the garage. I tried to save it before it became headless, but no such luck. Psycho Cat may not have claws, but her teeth can do a world of damage and like most cats, she’s discovered maiming insects  make them more fun to play with.

Paper towel in hand, I give the moth a proper burial in the garbage can. As such, Biscuit is off to another adventure, no doubt.

Well, this is it for today. Just had to share the events of my “laid back” Saturday morning! By the way, before I sat down to type this post I scooted over to my email to confirm my online shopping order had gone through.  Yep, it went through – TWICE!

Where’s that customer service number??

Until next time,

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