Bromeliad Success!

Bromeliad Pup Blooming after Two Years Bromeliad Mature Pup Side View

While I still haven’t transferred all of my blog posts to this site, I wanted to jump in today with a very brief (and current!) blog post and brag about how well my bromeliad “pup” from 2 1/2 years ago is doing!

The gorgeous plant pictured above is the result of patience and (minimal) care given to the cutting you see planted in the center pot of the photo below.

mother bromeliad and pups 3

It thrills me to actually witness a plant, animal, bird or weather condition respond and progress just as I’ve read or heard that it should.  You may say that 2 1/2 years is a long time to wait for a plant to bloom, and you’d be right.  However, I just kept the greenery at my desk in the background near a north window, along with some other plantings, and let it be – with the exception of watering it now and then (be sure and read the post at the link below regarding how to water bromeliads.)  Although the bromeliad wasn’t blooming during this two-year period, it was providing me a nice “green” plant to admire and reap filtered air benefits from while working in my office.  And, now that it is blooming, it will continue to develop even deeper color for months.

Perhaps you have recently received one of these beautiful tropicals?  Don’t toss it away after it has bloomed.  Give it some time to develop ratoons (off shoots or “pups”) and begin the process I describe at Bringing up Bromeliads and you just may have a family line of bromeliads to enjoy for yourself for a good, long while.

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