The Nose Knows . . . or Should It Know Better?

Originally Posted 3/2/2011

 Buzz Ruby


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have learned that while my wire fox terrier, Buzz, is both blind and deaf, his nasal senses are still at their height. The story below occurred earlier this winter and will be a repeat for those of you whom are my Facebook friends.

Yesterday, I had an intensive eye exam whereby the doctor dilated my pupils. Anyone who has had this done knows that your pupils stay dilated for hours and you must wear temporary dark glasses for that time period to protect your eyes. So . . . I arrive home and pull into the garage. It is dark in my garage and even darker with the temporary glasses on. I attempt to open the door from my garage to my house and it appears I can’t. Something is blocking it. I assume my laundry basket fell in front of the door, so I continue to push. I finally open the door, but it is with a heavy drag. I move into the house and look down, seeing nothing. I put my things up, take off my coat and, still wearing the glasses, I don’t see anything unusual in the laundry room so I assume the off and on, hot and cold weather lately has caused the door to swell or stick.

I look around for Buzz (who doesn’t stir these days when I arrive home due to his deafness.) He’s nowhere to be found. After only about 5 minutes, I take off the temporary shades because it is getting dark outside and I can get around the house with low light. Still looking for Buzz, I go back to the laundry room and discover the true reason my door was dragging.

Buzz was stuck half way through the tiny “kitty” door! Let me add here that Buzz is the same exact color as my floor tile so it is no wonder I didn’t see him with the dark glasses on earlier! Bless his heart; he had probably been stuck there for hours. He was making no noise – just lying there limp with his two front feet in the house and his two back feet in the garage! (Please note – he got stuck coming back INTO the house!) I pulled him out gently and noticed he had gone a little numb on his back end. It took him a while to recover, but he finally perked up. I never would have imagined he could’ve fit through the cat door as he is 25 pounds and easily considered a medium sized dog. The reason the kitty door is so small is precisely to keep him out of the cat food and litter box. My 8 pound cat barely fits through it!

At any rate, in honor of my animals’ old ages I have begun feeding them “wet” food so it isn’t so hard on their teeth or lack thereof. Those of you that have cats can relate to how odorous canned cat food can be. Recently I tried a new brand and unfortunately it is even more aromatic. Apparently, Buzz felt he needed to try it too. After managing to get into the garage via the kitty door and eating all the cat food – including a bag of dry cat food I had out – he began to get cold. He decided to go back into the house. Problem was – his very full belly would not allow him to completely re-enter!

Sometimes our noses can really get us into some tight spots. However, after learning the lesson, we can look back on most situations and laugh!

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