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African Iris – Pretty in Bloom and Lovely when Not

My husband and I finally found a hardy plant for our large centerpiece terracotta pot that is both beautiful in bloom and also when not – African Iris. We live in Hardiness Zone 8a which means our temps can dip … Continue reading

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Irony of the Ice Plant

As I write this post, I admit I have a lot of trouble reconciling that a succulent preferring hot and dry conditions has the common name ice plant.  It simply does not compute!  However, after researching a bit I found the reason the … Continue reading

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Vincas for All Areas

You may be surprised to learn that Vincas, or Periwinkles, come in a variety of types and tolerances.  Whether you are looking for something to complement your containers or beds, in sun or shade, as an annual or perennial, there is a … Continue reading

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Cast Iron Plant Lives Up to Its Name

A few weeks ago, I had occasion to take a peek at my neighbor’s gorgeous backyard. We were doing a one-day dog-sitting stint for their beautiful and very well-mannered golden retriever. I could go on and on about how wonderful … Continue reading

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