Thanks for Hanging In There!


Thank you to those of you that are hanging in with me although I’ve not posted in months. I appreciate you very much. The reason I’ve been absent is because my blog software (that I love) has been experiencing some difficulties and I’ve learned it is being phased out. As such, I am carefully seeking an alternative – one that will hopefully transfer everything I’ve written thus far. I have much to share and wish to do so once I’m back on track with a new program. I appreciate your patience as I go through this transition! In the meantime, so that not all is lost with this post, please feast your eyes on my latest Clematis vine. It is the variety “Darius” – an early bloomer with light lilac petals that have a deep purple stripe in the center of each.


P.S. This is the new software . . . hope you like it as well as I do!

Until next time,


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